This is What You Call Life?

from by Eternal Rest

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This is what you call life?
Not anymore

This is what you call life?
Not anymore
For I've had it
I am ready to end my life
I open up these scars
I rest razor at wrist
Sinking deep
Dripping out of my arms
The pain
Is intoxicating
I want more
I need more

For I am ready to die
Razor in mouth I seethe
Forcing myself to scream
Look at what I have done
I've fallen in love with the pain
This is not my torture
This is my way of life
This is how I survive
Hanging to the tree
Note stapled to the knee
Now you find me
So alone

Voices whispering to me

Something growing inside of me
This pain is just too real
Now I use the cold steel
Sinking deep inside my wrist
Oh God please
Take my life away
Screaming out
What is wrong with me?
Bloody tears streaming down my face
My life is such a waste
Now I lay me down
Into my dark grave


from Eternal Rest, track released March 31, 2013
Drekavac: Lyrics and Vocals
Montara Mike: Composition, Arrangement, Production, Guitars, Bass and Drum programing




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