Humanity's Deception

from by Eternal Rest

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Barrack Obama: blah blah blah
John Boehner: blah blah blah blah

The population decreases as politicians rise to power.
Can you see the faceless beings in the crowd?
The economy has taken its toll as the world comes to a close.

Pathogens raining down spreading a disease on you and me.
Chemical warfare scorching the earth bringing destruction to all that is living.
Tricking the viewer using lady liberty as a right to go to war.

Using the USA to bring out the American pride in us all.
Creating wars around the world.
How many troops will die for nothing?

How many more lies will you feed us from the kitchen table?
Telling us that you are trying to do justice.

You're just a fucking crock.

Soon you will have us as mindless zombies.

Man will rise up and we will start to be violent.

To defy the government and bring an end to their abominations.
Killing those pathetic leaders will bring justice to every being.
Nuclear warfare is mutating society.
Soldiers at the front fighting for a false US of A.
The lies are getting really old.
You have no justification for your actions.
Burn it down.
Burn it down.
Burn it all fucking down.


from Eternal Rest, track released October 8, 2013
Drekavac: Lyrics and Vocals
Montara Mike: Composition, Arrangement, Production, Guitars, Bass and Drum programing




Eternal Rest California

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